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Aqua Credit Card Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program

Apply for the Aqua Credit Card Affiliate Program


The Aqua Credit Card affiliate program is a credit card aimed at the sub prime consumer. It is great for rebuilding the customer’s credit rating and as such is best suited for consumers with a poor credit history/rating. If the consumer is not on the electoral roll, has county court judgements (CCJ), self employed or on a low income then the Aqua Credit Card may be able to help.

The Aqua credit card will provide the consumer with a MasterCard with no annual fee and a credit limit of up to £1,600. Furthermore the Aqua Credit card does no charge interest on purchases if the consumer pays their balance in full and on time at the end of each month.

This affiliate program as you would expect would well for sub prime lists. It is open to all email affiliates and pays commission on a per accepted application basis. The Aqua Credit Card affiliate program is supported by up-to-date and regularly reviewed email creative. This program has started delivering some great returns for our affiliates with some very impressive conversion rates.

Terms and Conditions

**Please ensure your postal address is in the footer for all sends**

**Do not use AQUA in the from line/address**

**Please send a test email for approval BEFORE broadcast**

**Please add this seed address to all sends: ashndaqua1984@gmail.com **

Note to Affiliates: FRAUDULENT TRAFFIC WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Affiliates sending fraudulent traffic, or suspected of sending fraudulent traffic, will be immediately expelled from offer and affiliate network; and transactions will be charged back. Advertiser and The Affiliate People reserves the right to remove Affiliates sending low quality traffic at any time. Advertiser and The Affiliate People reserves the right to charge back low quality traffic. No incentivised traffic is permitted or will be paid for on this campaign.

Please note: This is an email only campaign. If leads are generated in any other way, we will not be able to pay for them. We appreciate your cooperation.

Sign Up to the Aqua Credit Card Affiliate Program

Joining this program is simple.

If you are an existing affiliate then sign into your affiliate account and apply for the campaign. If you want us to we will even send you your tracking link and email creative!

If you are not yet an affiliate then simply sign up as an affiliate and you can join the program. Furthermore we have many more affiliate programs that you may be interested in.

1 Email Creative Available

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Apply for the Aqua Credit Card Affiliate Program


There is no charge to join our network