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Priority Health Cover is a private medical insurance site. The Affiliate People send traffic there and affiliates are rewarded for every lead generated.

The Private Medical Insurance site was a successful proposition generating a number of customer for our clients.

However as with all our campaigns we continually monitor them to look for ways to improve the results not just for our clients, but also improve the experience for the consumer

We had feedback from our consumers that many were looking for a real-time online quote. Therefore to help improve the site and increase conversions for our affiliates and make the leads more successful for our clients we sourced a client who could offer real-time quotes.

Working closely with that client The Affiliate People technical team put together a solution to allow this to happen and to also make sure everything still tracked for the affiliate.

Within a short time period the online quotes system was made live helping our clients get better results, affiliates less rejected leads and the consumer a much more user friendly experience.

A win win!

To find out more about working with the Affiliate People then please contact us. We have a proven track record of delivering results, quality leads and excellent customer service.

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